Networking - As A Service

The Logical Evolution of Network Connectivity

Traditional telecom is long overdue for some serious innovation. That’s why we’re here - to deliver a network that feels like software as a service. PacketFabric is opening up the possibilities for worldwide connectivity by bringing cloud-based logic to every fiber of the connectivity ecosystem.

Our network-as-a-service platform is built API-first, following REST best practices. Every feature of our web portal is available via our API to enable deep integration with existing products and services.

  • Build a Private Network In Minutes

    The name of the game is software control. Eliminate manual network configuration with instant port and Virtual Circuit creation, one click point to point circuit creation, and an abundance of real-time network statistics. Use the UI or API to instantly create your cross country backbone, connect to business partners and exchange traffic, or create private interconnections with your cloud service providers.

  • Pay for What You Use

    Use resources by the month, or take advantage of our low cost data transfer usage only plan and pay for only what you use. Of course, we also offer committed term lengths and tiers for increased savings.

  • Control Your Connectivity

    Our massive network is integrated with a UI that’s as user-friendly as it is efficient. Our automated system is specifically designed to eliminate the endless hurdles of building and maintaining a network, and gives you the power to turn up, turn down, and scale your connectivity in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee.

  • Maximize Security

    Each Virtual Circuit is completely isolated and secure against interception or injection.

Modern Network Manageability

PacketFabric has modernized connectivity services
by applying cloud-based concepts to provisioning, delivery, and billing.

PacketFabric Technology

Redefining Networking with Software


Our Layer 2 transport network is designed using modern hardware and protocols to create a platform that effortlessly scales to tens of millions of connections. Our switched network sits on top of the latest in coherent optical technologies, enabling us to offer terabits of capacity to our users by getting the most out of our fiber.


Deploy your network as easily as you deploy servers with your favorite cloud platform. Our proprietary SDN controller is developed in-house to provide realtime interaction with our network platform to provision new services, manage existing services, and view service statistics.


Building and operating our own optical network, packet switched network, and SDN controller have enabled us to do something no network service provider has done before: offer user-friendly services at the scale and economics that are only attainable by the largest and most savvy hyperscale companies.