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What are you doing to keep up with the recent pace of data center growth? You've probably noticed a huge surge of activity in the data center world, preparing for an acceleration in demand with the emergence of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, virtual reality and connected cars.

PacketFabric is working with partners to deliver next-generation networking solutions and support a wide range of customer applications. We are channel focused, and our program includes a portal with tools to fully manage the customers and subs you work with today.

We’ve created a truly disruptive SDN solution - combining the performance of state-of-the-art fiber optic infrastructure with the resiliency of a packet switched network, designed to be automated, easy to use, and highly scalable from the very start.

PacketFabric is a carrier grade network without the carrier grade hassle.

Our SDN solution is a true Network-as-a-Service platform, delivered over our Layer 2 network. The PacketFabric network is carrier agnostic, and fully managed with our user friendly portal - no need for a rip and replace. Customers can instantly connect at speeds from 1Gbps to multi-100Gbps in 150+ US data center locations within the same city, or across the country.

All networking services are provisioned in real time, and available on a month-to-month contract or longer terms. Networking services are simple to provision and manage using our web portal and our open RESTful API.

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Earn generous recurring monthly commissions for each new customer you refer to PacketFabric!

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