PacketFabric Pricing

Access Ports

Access Ports are physical Ethernet interfaces which provide dedicated capacity into the PacketFabric Network, and are the first step in connecting to the Fabric. Each Access Port features unlimited utilization and line-rate performance within its local metropolitan market, and can be used to connect to thousands of other destinations or services across the PacketFabric Network.

Each Access Port also comes with a free service credit for PacketFabric Cloud Data service, which can be used to transfer data between any locations on the PacketFabric network.

Month to Month Term
Port Type Initial Setup Fee Monthly Charge Free Long-Haul Transfer Credits

Longhaul Data Transfer

Dedicated Capacity Model

All data transfer between ports within the same metropolitan market is free. Data transfer between different markets can be purchased for an additional fee, and can be consumed via either our fixed-rate Dedicated Capacity service, or our Cloud Data usage-based service.

PacketFabric's Dedicated Capacity service provides users with the lowest cost per unit of bandwidth, and is optimized for those with well-known traffic patterns, and those who value fixed, predictable billing, regardless of usage. Each Dedicated Capacity service provides bidirectional line-rate transfer capabilities 24x7, with no limits or additional charges regardless of the total amount of data transferred across the service.

Month to Month Term
Bandwidth Monthly Charge $/Mbps

Longhaul Data Transfer

Cloud Usage Model

PacketFabric's Cloud Data service provides a unique and innovative way for users to securely and reliably transfer data between markets while only paying for the service that they used. Cloud Data is optimized for users who have large numbers of locations, unpredictable or shifting traffic patterns, or simply for those who want to be able to dynamically burst to larger traffic volumes on-demand without paying for dedicated capacity 24x7.

With PacketFabric's Cloud Data service, users pay only for the total amount of data they transferred across the network, as measured in Terabytes (TB) Transferred. Once a customer packet is successfully delivered across the PacketFabric network, the total amount of data sent is counted towards the usage for that service. Users can choose to either deduct this from a prepaid "bucket" of transfer resources, which can be refilled as needed, or billed on a regular cycle based on the amount of data transferred.

Total Traffic Transferred (TB) Total Cost $/TB $/GB

Virtual Circuit Packages

Virtual Circuits enable a private conversation between any two points on the PacketFabric network, allowing users to dynamically interconnect their networks and exchange information is a secure and reliable fashion. Each Virtual Circuit is completely isolated from other traffic on the network, preventing traffic from being intercepted, injected, or interfered with.

Each PacketFabric Access Port comes with the ability to connect a single Virtual Circuit free of charge, allowing point-to-point connections to be built between Access Ports without incurring any additional charges. Customers who wish to connect multiple Virtual Circuits to a single Access Port can buy a larger plan, allowing up to 4000 Virtual Circuits to be connected per Access Port. Virtual Circuit plans are automatically discounted based on the contracted term length of the Access Port they are associated with, and can be changed at any time.

Month to Month Term
VC Plan Size Monthly Charge Cost per VC

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