We've created easy to consume solutions for common networking use cases, such as point-to-point networking and cloud connectivity. Need a custom networking solution? Take a look at our Build Your Own products. By combining Access Ports, Virtual Circuits, and Long-haul Data Transport models, you can create any network configuration you can imagine.

All PacketFabric networking services feature flexible month-to-month contracts with transparent pricing, and are backed by our industry-leading SLA.

Point-to-Point Transport

Instantly Create a Secure Connection Between Any Two Points on Our Network

Our point-to-point product PacketDirect allows you to instantly create a secure connection between any two points on the PacketFabric network.

PacketDirect Overview
  • Instantaneous Provisioning
  • Consistent Long-haul Pricing Anywhere On-Net
  • Flexible, Month-to-Month Contracts
  • Port Speeds from 1Gbps to 100Gbps
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Cloud Connectivity

Create a Private Connection to Your Favorite Cloud Service Provider
Cloud Connectivity

With our cloud connectivity product, you'll be able to turn up a private connection to a cloud service provider of your choice from any point on our massive network.

Cloud Connectivity Overview
  • Instantaneous Provisioning
  • Private Connectivity to Cloud Providers
  • Reach Multiple Clouds Over a Single Interface
  • Flexible Capacity from 50Mbps to 10Gbps
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Build Your Own Network

Build Your Own Network by Combining Access Ports, Virtual Circuits, and Data Transport
Build Your Own

Need to build your own network? Our networking components are the building blocks you need to create your own custom designed network. By combining Access Ports, Virtual Circuits, and Long-haul Data Transport, you can create any number of customized networking solutions, such as: data center interconnection, hybrid cloud solutions, and more flexible replacements for traditional MPLS solutions.

Build Your Own Network Overview
  • Ultimate Flexibility in Networking Design
  • Free Data Transport in the Same Metro Market
  • Month-to-month and Usage-based Long-haul Pricing
  • Port Speeds from 1Gbps to 100Gbps
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