About PacketFabric

Building Disruptive Networking Technologies

PacketFabric is developing world class technologies which are changing the way networks communicate with one another. Our first-of-its-kind infrastructure was strategically built to deliver automated and cost-effective capacity from 1Gbps to 100Gbps and beyond. Our powerfully simple user interface enables you to instantaneously provision highly scalable network connections between any two or more points across our private and secure network.

We're aiming for nothing less than a complete revolution in the way networks communicate with each other. By integrating modern software technologies into our a state-of-the-art network which we've built from the ground up, you are in control of creating network connections when and where you need them in seconds, instead of days or weeks.


Meet the team behind PacketFabric

PacketFabric is led by a team of highly experienced telecommunications and software experts, with many years of experience building and operating some of the largest networks and platforms on the planet.

We looked to our own experiences with the frustrations and difficulties of connecting and consuming network services which had previously limited our ability to operate networks as smoothly and reliably as we would have desired, and decided that the time was right to create something which was truly different. We hope you'll join us as we work to change the way networking is done.

William Charnock

Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Operating Officer for The Planet, and later VP of Engineering for SoftLayer following their merger, Will helped create one of the largest and most transformative cloud infrastructure providers. SoftLayer was purchased by IBM for $2 billion dollars.

Richard Steenbergen

Chief Technology Officer

Richard was the founder of nLayer Communications, a highly innovative global network which was acquired by GTT Communications, where he continued to serve as Chief Technology Officer. Richard oversaw the growth of GTT as it become the third largest global backbone in the world.

Jezzibell Gilmore

SVP of Business Development

Jezzibell was an early stage employee of AboveNet Communications and Akamai Technologies, previously served as VP of Business Development for GTT, and is a current NANOG board member.

Anna Claiborne

SVP of Software Engineering

Anna co-founded Prolexic Technologies, which was later acquired by Akamai for $370 million. She previously served as Product Development Manager at Terremark, and VP of Engineering at 6connect.