PacketFabric is changing network services.

Today's network infrastructure is much like the electrical grid; it's lagged behind the rest of world, and hasn't kept pace with advancements in technology. Procuring network services to provision simple services to move data from one point to another takes months of work and man power. We're talking months of preparation and operational cost - all to move data from Los Angeles to New York in 65 milliseconds.

PacketFabric is the next generation network service provider. Pricing is transparent, services are provisioned through our portal in minutes, and our API provides extensible automation. We're the highly scalable network-as-a-service platform: the perfect marriage of SaaS and carrier network, with terabits of capacity to wherever business takes you.


Dave Ward

Chief Executive Officer

Dave has served as head of Cisco’s Chief Technology and Architecture Office, and led Cisco’s core innovation programs, unifying and advancing strategic co-innovation partnerships and programs. He is also one of two individuals to be both Cisco and Juniper Fellows working on the operating system and next-generation routing systems. Dave holds hundreds of patents. He has also served on the Boards of the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions, Advanced Imaging Society, Linux Foundation, Linux Foundation Networking, ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector, Governmental Advisory boards and Open Networking Foundation.

Chad Milam

President and Chief Operating Officer

Chad has served as CTO at NantWorks, LLC and Mox Networks. Prior to NantWorks, Chad led the Technical Infrastructure and Systems team at Teza Technologies and the Global Infrastructure organization at Publicis Groupe S.A.

Jezzibell Gilmore

Chief Commercial Officer

Jezzibell was an early stage employee of AboveNet Communications and Akamai Technologies, and previously served as VP of Operations at RoamData, as well as VP of Business Development for GTT.

Anna Claiborne

SVP Engineering and Product

Anna co-founded Prolexic Technologies, which was later acquired by Akamai for $370 million. She previously served as Product Development Manager at Terremark, and VP of Engineering at 6connect.

The Team

Majdi Abbas

Senior Network Engineer

Jorge Albaladejo

Senior Software Engineer

Roy Alfaro

Data Center Engineer

Jeffrey August

Director of Platform Resources

Chris Austin

Director of Network Service Assurance

Adin Baber

Senior Software Engineer

Bill Barry

VP of Strategic Partnerships

Joel Bremson

Senior Systems Reliability Engineer

Matt Burke

Senior Systems Reliability Engineer

Mark Calkins

Director of Network Architecture

Walter Cameron

Senior Software Engineer

Nancy Carrigan

Sales Operations Professional

Scott Castle

Sales Executive

Vladimir Chub

Senior Software Engineer

Lee Coriell

Sales Engineer

Taylor Crew

Sales Executive

Evan d'Entremont

Senior Software Engineer

Dimitris Dalianis

Systems Reliability Engineer

Kamil Derynski

Network Reliability Engineer

Martin van Dop

Partner Engagement Manager, Cloud

Nicholas Eddington

The Intern

Matt Eger

Account Executive

Peter Farmer

Technical Program Manager, Cloud and Ecosystem

Lauren de la Fuente

VP of Marketing

Steve Girdley

Account Director

Shawn Gordon

Senior Network Engineer

Andrew Gormley

UI / UX Designer

Nida Hasan

Senior Software Engineer

Dan Houtz

Director of Network Production Engineering

Bill Huneke

Senior Software Engineer in Test

Elisa Jasinska

Senior Network Reliability Engineer

Nalin Kuachusri

Senior Software Engineer

Teddy Jeong

Accounts Receivable Manager

Arrie Jones

Senior Network Engineer

Terri Jorgensen

Client Success Manager

Nikhil Joshi

Senior Software Engineer

Yugo Kato

Senior Software Engineer in Test

Chris Knight

Senior Software Engineer

Christian Koch

Head of Product,
Cloud & Ecosystem

Boris Krutov

Senior Software Engineer

Svitlana Kulakova

Senior Software Engineer

Stephanie Lamouroux

Channel Sales Manager

Kevin Landreth

Director of Service Reliability

Kezia Lawson-Shanks

Sales Executive

Saulo Lozano

Software Engineer

Shane Madden

Network Reliability Engineer

Lew Maggio

Director of Network Operations

Rebecca McLaren

Contracts Administrator

David McLean

Senior Solutions Architect

Schanyl Martz

Finance Controller

John Mein

Account Executive

Adam Meltzer

Sales Executive

Allan Mercado

Senior Software Engineer

Mollie Meyer

Senior Director of Business Operations

Jared Miller

Technical Program Manager

Nick Miller

Software Engineer

Carl Montanari

Network Reliability Engineer

Tyler Moore

Product Marketing Manager

Marty Novak

Data Center Engineer

Joe Oligny

Senior Director of Sales and Sales Operations

Artur Patoka

Senior Software Engineer in Test

Javis Perez

Senior Software Engineer

Quinlan Pfiffer

Senior Software Engineer

Chi Pham

Sales Engineer

Gracelyn Pham

Sales Executive

Isaac Poulton

Senior Software Engineer

Cyril Robert

Senior Software Engineer

Aaron Roberts

Director of Accounting and Accounting Systems

Christy Sanders

Executive Operations Director

Lee Santoro

Sales Director

Lex Saulus

Account Executive

Valentin Solina

Senior Software Engineer

Jerry Tapolcsanyi

Senior Software Engineer

Dave Tomassoni

Senior Account Director

Andrius Ulrikas

Field Engineer

Graham Vaughan

Senior Network Architect

Andy Wegner

Director of Software Engineering

Caitlin Wheeless

Senior Technical Writer

Kerry Whitney

Client Success Manager

Lucy Yeh

Director of Sales

Scott Zimmerman

Site Reliability Engineer