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The PacketFabric Solution

Faster. Simpler. Brilliantly priced.

Eliminate the slow - as well as painful and tedious - process of purchasing traditional network connectivity services, while gaining complete control and visibility of your network traffic, connections, and costs.


Rest easy knowing that your traffic cannot be intercepted or manipulated, enabling a secure conduit for the delivery of critical and sensitive services.


A carrier-class network with fully redundant architecture, delivered with meticulous SLAs.


Our unique architecture scales to hundreds of Terabits of capacity, enabling you to easily reach new markets, try new services, and acquire new clients, all without deploying a single cross-connect.

Powerfully Simple

Who says groundbreaking technology can’t be user friendly? PacketFabric’s world-class portal is designed to help customers take advantage of every benefit our network has to offer.

  • Instantaneously create connections with other parties
  • Enable seamless internal connections between your own remote locations
  • Instantly reallocate resources as needed
  • Gain valuable insight into your traffic with real-time statistics available for each network element
  • Maintain your network effectively, with extensive troubleshooting tools and real-time access to information about network conditions

Oh, and all of these features are also available via our API, enabling deep integration with existing products and services.


Our first-of-its-kind infrastructure was strategically built to deliver automated and cost-effective capacity from 1Gbps to 100Gbps and beyond.

Enabling a Marketplace Ecosystem

Who stands to gain from this speedy and secure approach to connectivity?

NSPs delivering Internet and other network services for customers, at lower costs, and all the while, extending their network reach.


Customers can connect directly to their “as-a-Service” providers, without depending on the public Internet and always be ensured of secure reliable operations.

Packet Fabric Awesomeness at its finest

Datacenter operators that want to ensure their facilities have robust and easy to consume connectivity to the outside world.


Enterprise customers can connect remote locations and have access to a marketplace of service providers competing for their business.

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